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CYBER RANGES leverages on the two-decade all-round experience of Silensec.

Silensec is an international Information Security Management, Training and Technology with offices in Cyprus (EU), the United Kingdom, Kenya, Canada, and the USA.

Established in England in 2006, Silensec specializes in the design, development and delivery of products and services in the domains of IT Governance, Security Audits and Assessments, Value-Added System Integration, Managed Security with a 24×7 SOC, and Security Training.

Silensec is ISO 27001-certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Previously known as Silensec Cyber Range, CYBER RANGES is a wholly owned unit of Silensec for the development and operation of ISO 27001-certified next-generation cyber range platforms and services.

The United Nations’ ITU and Silensec started collaborating in 2014 to providing support on the organization and delivery of the ITU CyberDrills, as well as conducting cybersecurity related training to national Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRTs). ITU and Silensec further signed a cooperation agreement in August 2018 to use the Silensec Cyber Range platform for ITU CyberDrills.

Silensec is also a member of the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO), a Premium Partner of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), and a founding member of the Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA).

Silensec History
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