Critical Infrastructure

CYBER RANGES for Critical Infrastructure

"Cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure and manufacturing are more likely to target industrial control systems than steal data".

There is no doubt that growing digitalization and IoT may create a perfect cyber security storm, increasing the surface for cyberattacks against a nation’s critical infrastructure.

Confidence in data and systems security is vital if society is to benefit from the potential efficiencies that IoT can bring. Public confidence is just as important for the SCADA systems that keep aircraft in the air as it is for the IT platforms that underpin mobile banking.

Power generation and distribution are more complex and connected than ever before. Vulnerability of critical infrastructure and technical failures are real concerns among security specialists and insurers. Main sector targets of hacktivists are: energy, transportation, public services (such as smart cities, citizenship portals, etc.), telcos and critical manufacturing.

Cyberattacks against critical infrastructure and manufacturing are more likely to target industrial control systems than steal data. While IT infrastructure has given rise to an army of cyber security consultants, products and services, industrial control systems by comparison are not well served. This is where CYBER RANGES comes in to address the lack of competencies on critical infrastructure cyber security and to support the proof of concepts towards the advancing digital transformation of Industry 4.0.

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