CYBER RANGES is a wholly-owned unit of Silensec for the development and operation of ISO 27001-certified next-generation cyber range platforms and services.

Silensec is also a member of the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO), a Premium Partner of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), and a founding member of the Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA).

Advisory Board​

Andrew Lesley

Andrew Lesley

Lt. Gen. (Ret.), CMM, MSC, MSM, CD

Andrew is a retired Canadian Forces general officer, who served with distinction and in harm’s way in many theatres including Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. His final command was as Chief of Transformation for the Canadian Forces.

Eduard Bisceanu


Eduard is a highly accomplished and experienced cyber security professional with both strategic and technical expertise in the field. A graduate of the National Intelligence Academy and Military Communications Institute, Eduard has made significant contributions to the development of national cybersecurity programmes in Romania and played a pivotal role in leading the operationalisation phase of the first civilian government CERT team in the country. Eduard has worked for several renowned organizations, including serving as the CSO of UniCredit Romania, National Technology Officer at Microsoft, Senior Manager at PwC, ProActive Defense SOC Director, Senior Consultant for Blue Cyber Team, Global Head of Technology and Professional Services for Silensec, CISO of CEC Bank. Throughout his career, Eduard has been recognized for his exceptional leadership skills, technical acumen, and his ability to deliver innovative solutions that address complex security challenges. He is passionate about promoting cyber security awareness and helping organizations of all sizes build robust cyber security strategies to mitigate risks and protect against evolving threats.

Management Team

Al Graziano

Dr. Almerindo “Al” Graziano


Al has gained over 20 years of experience in information and cyber security, ranging from developing one of the very first UK cybersecurity university master programmes in 2005 up to security consultancy and strategic advisory for private and government organizations across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and APAC.
Al is also the Global Chairman of HLB Digital, a brand of HLB International where he leads the cluster development of HLB cybersecurity and digital services globally.
Al is a cyber security expert for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) where, since 2014, he has contributed to the delivery of Cyber Drills and workshops to national CERTs and government agencies around the world.
Al co-chairs the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) WG5 on cyber range environments, education, training and awareness, and technical exercises.

George Nicolaou



George co-founded Silensec and currently heads research and incident response, with a close focus on reverse engineering and malware analysis, network security and penetration testing, software engineering. George holds an MSc. in Advanced Computing Security from the University of Bath (UK) majoring in Automated Binary Software Vulnerability Detection Systems.

Marcello Hinxman-Allegri



Marcello is a UK Chartered Marketer (CIM) and a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP). Marcello’s cyber security interests focus on risk assessment, insurance techniques…and Murphy’s law. He currently co-chairs on education and training in the ECSO working group on cyber ranges. Marcello spent over a decade as a product marketing manager in the Telecom & Media unit of Digital Equipment Corp. (now Hewlett-Packard). Then, as a senior project manager, Marcello worked on some of the UK’s largest cyber skills and e-learning developments, with a close focus on competencies and engaging multiple stakeholders. More recently, he led on international development in design-and-technology led creative industries for an APAC government trade commission. He holds an MBA from Sheffield Hallam University.

Michael Roncon



Michael is a senior cyber security services professional who has gained over twenty-five years’ experience in Enterprise Cybersecurity and Risk Management. Michael served Big-4 Consulting & Global Systems Integration firms, in senior management roles such as Partner, CGI Security Services, Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Center, Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, and Thales Security and Defence, Head of Sales & Strategy. Michael sits on the board of not-for-profit CSGA Global.

Building teams and developing “Go to Market” strategy, Managed Security Services, Cyber Threat Intelligence solutions in Energy, Aviation, Government, Defence, Transportation and Financial markets, Michael is adept at discerning clients’ business requirements, translating requirements into risk-based solutions and services supporting business enablement, communicating effectively with both technical and non-technical audiences at C-level with demonstrated effectiveness working across global matrix business units to achieve client expectations and successful outcomes. 

Walter de Donato



Walter leads the CYBER RANGES software development team bridging the communication between the business unit and the R&D department. Walter is also the main architect of the CYBER RANGES Injector Engine and other key components, thanks to over a decade of research experience in such different areas as network topology discovery and mapping, Linux-based embedded systems, network processor architectures, and content distribution networks. Before joining CYBER RANGES, Walter was the co-founder and CTO of NM2 where he led product development in the areas of traffic simulation and analysis. Walter received his Ph.D. in computer engineering and systems from the University of Napoli Federico II. He was a visiting researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Walter has co-authored over 20 international journal and conference publications as well as a patent. A former member of IEEE and ACM, he received several research awards.

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