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OT WORLDS by CYBER RANGES offers unsurpassed ability to simulate real attacks on IT/OT infrastructure.

'Preparedness is Key to Deterrence'

With the increasing digitization of supply chains and critical infrastructures, malware will find ways to spread from IT to OT at wirespeed. Concerns are growing for Cyber-Physical Systems security, whether ‘brownfield’ CPS from OT/IT convergence or ‘greenfield’ CPS from digital efforts. Mission-critical focus is to shift from business disruption to potential physical harm.

Cyberattack on Critical Infrastructure
an operation conducted with a kinetic intent or result

Governments are increasingly realizing that their national critical infrastructure has become an undeclared battlefield. Fewer strategies than cyber attacks can offer better plausible deniability and can cause greater anxiety and instability to our society than targeting the systems and networks that enable our day-to-day activities.

“By 2025, Threat Actors will have weaponized Operational Technology environments successfully to cause human casualties”


– Remote Access to Physical Ranges
– Real use cases with ICT/OT integration
– Multi-Vendor Support
– Advanced CTI-based Attack Simulation with CYBER RANGES Injector Engine
– Competencies Measurement

OT WORLDS by CYBER RANGES provides a fully featured Hybrid OT Range that includes:

• Ability to simulate CTI-based real attacks on OT infrastructure
• Sample simulated processes, such as

– Power Substation
– Water System
– Gas Plant

• Multi-vendor support
• Multi-Worlds and Single-World scenarios
• Custom Scenarios for Every Industry
• Remote access to the physical testbed
• Real use cases with ICT/OT integration
• TOAR-enabled ecosystem for ICT integration, support of digital twins, and process emulation
• CYBER RANGES PORTABLE for in-field deployment, when needed
• Comprehensive training portfolio
• Measuring competencies

...and Consultancy services to design and develop bespoke single/multi-world scenarios for training and validation


  • ICT Network
  • OT Network
  • Threats to simulate


  • Configure scenario network
  • Develop Threat Emulation
  • Add to the Scenario Library


  • Play Scenarios
  • Conduct Training
  • After-Action Review

Governments are mandating more security controls for CPS that underpin mission-critical efforts, and increasing their national security efforts to counter attacks on critical infrastructure.

Regulatory reaction is placing heavy liability on CEOs. CISOs, CSOs and generally Boardroom Executives must review their current organizations to validate if and how cyber-physical systems are appropriately managed in terms of Technology Controls, Policies & Processes, and People.

Developing an effective CPS security strategy requires deploying a holistic way to a coordinated approach in operational technology (OT), the Internet of Things (IoT), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and IT security.









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