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CYBER RANGES for Military and Law Enforcement

Cyber security protects military and law enforcement networks and the country against cyber attacks from enemy forces and cyber criminals. The nature and scope of conflicts and security are changing and becoming infinitely more complex. 

Conventional conflicts have increasingly been replaced by hybrid warfare perpetrated by both state and non-state bad actors with asymmetric warfare and hybrid threats.

Since April 2020 a list of 51 major national security significant cyber incidents has been reported.

Cyber security is a source of expertise for the proper deployment, support, and defense of strategic and tactical information networks. However, practice in a live-fire range or through FTX, LIVEX and Command Post exercises or running Exercise Studies may come with high costs, time constraints and operational disruption, even if justified by high-fidelity scenario objectives.

Defence agencies need to ally with the technology industry. Deploying CYBER RANGES to turn your NCOs into ethical hackers and beyond offers great advantages. CYBER RANGES powered training enables a nation’s Armed Forces to re-train personnel from active service to civilian cyber security roles through fast efficient repeatable workforce development programmes.

Sector agencies and public research institutions are provided with immediate actionable information and intelligence, including the level of proficiency attained during the exercises through competency-based scoring and assessment, whether based on NIST NICE or other custom performance criteria.

Powered by CYBER RANGES: Regular exercises that do not take an army to run !

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