What is a Cyber Drill?

A CyberDrill is a planned event during which an organization simulates cyberattacks, information security incidents and other types of disruption.

With a CyberDrill we test the organization’s cyber capacity by measuring its ability to detect and respond to a security incident.

Additionally, it measures the ability of responding appropriately to an incident, minimizing any related impact. More specifically, CyberDrill Simulations are delivered through different scenarios.

A scenario is a self-contained piece of content, which combines a storyline, an interactive infrastructure and applications, competency objectives, user activity, tasks to perform and challenges to deal with ancillary contextual information assets, and more.

Since 2017 CYBER RANGES has been supporting the delivery of all the Regional CyberDrills organized by the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in collaboration with national regulatory authorities all over the world.

These CyberDrills have engaged thousands of delegates from national CERTs, critical infrastructure operators, financial and telecom institutions, and more.

Sample CyberDrills delivered by CYBER RANGES have been held in and for:

  • 2014 – Zambia
  • 2015 – Egypt, Montenegro
  • 2016 – Mauritius, Tunisia, Ecuador
  • 2017 – Qatar, Tanzania, Moldova
  • 2018 – Argentina, Azerbaijan, Ivory Coast, Moldova, Cyprus, Kuwait
  • 2019 – Romania, Uganda, Malaysia, Oman
  • 2020 – Macedonia, Arab Region (ITU ARCC), ITU Global Cyber Drill, Papua New Guinea
  • 2021 – CRDF / US State Dept, Capital Market Authority (KSA), Vodacom, Albania’s Regulatory Authority, Australia National CERT, Global Cyber Alliance (GSA), Kyrgyzstan, ITU Global Cyber Drill, South African Development Cooperation, India’s National Drill,
  • 2022 – US DoD, UBF with UAE’s Central Bank, 2nd ITU Global Cyberdrill, Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank), Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Bahrain
  • 2023 – Quantico Cyber Eagle, US Marine Corps
benefits of national cyberdrills
What is a Cyber Drill
Cyber Drill National Cyber Wargaming Vol 3 - 8
What is a Cyber Drill

Benefits of Cyber Drills

  • Testing your organization’s ability and validating its plans to respond to security incidents.
  • Testing your organization’s Cyber Resilience.
  • Assessing the cyber capacity and capabilities of a SOC team.
  • Assessing the competence of your organization’s Red Team.
  • Complying with regulatory and best-practice requirements.
  • Testing the cyber proficiency of other Teams, e.g. Blue Team, DevOps, Comms, Legal.
  • Testing your team’s current skill set and identifying any gaps and areas for improvement.
  • Evaluating your team’s readiness and response reflexes against cyber-attacks.
  • Testing the coordination, communications and information sharing of internal and external teams, stakeholders, ecosystem partners, third parties and other entities.
  • Team building opportunities.

Cyber Drill Design

Cyber Drill National Cyber Wargaming Vol 3 - 16

Choose from a wide range of realistic simulation environments.

From simple environments with just a few systems (VMs) to more complex environments with dozens of systems to allow teams with different roles to collaborate and/or compete against one another.

Benefits of Cyber Drills

Customize your simulation environment.

Choose from an exhaustive library of commercial security systems and applications.

You may choose from pre-set environments, customize these or even replicate your full infrustructure

Cyber Drill National Cyber Wargaming Vol 3 - 14

Choose the attacks you want to simulate.

Choose from a wide range of realistic simulation environments.

From simple attacks exploiting a single vulnerability, to more complex, sophisticated attacks simulating advanced threat vectors and exploiting both human and technical vulnerabilities

Cyber Drill National Cyber Wargaming Vol 3 - 15

Choose the difficulty level.

Turning each chosen attack into a search for the “needle in the haystack” by adding background user traffic, thousands of realistic event logs, multiple parallel attacks from different countries and much more depending on the skill levels of the participants.

CyberDrill Delivery

The following figure illustrates the typical execution of a CyberDrill Scenario powered by CYBER RANGES. The CYBER RANGES Injector Engine is responsible for the simulation and automation of a wide range of cyber-attacks, user activities and background traffic. 

The CYBER RANGES Injector Engine is also used by the White Team to inject live attacks and traffic during an active scenario. This increases the difficulty of the scenario against the performance of the participants. Real attacks can be even carried out by an external Red Team connected to the CYBER RANGES simulation environment.

cyberdrills delivery

Cyber Drill Design

Using CYBER RANGES for National Cyber Drills

National CyberDrills are organized by a National Contact Point that brings together organizations from across its nation’s critical infrastructure. With CYBER RANGES CyberDrills organization becomes streamlined and National Authorities gain the ability to easily plan the cost-effective execution of CyberDrills at desired regular time-intervals (every year down to every term) and to even organize multiple CyberDrills by theme or industry sector.

national cyberdrills
contribution to cyberdrills

CYBER RANGES contributes to your CyberDrills with

  • End-to-End CyberDrill workflow management
    • User registration and creation of teams
    • Design, development and delivery of the CyberDrill Scenarios
    • Assessment of skills, cyber capabilities and cyber resilience
    • Learning paths to skills gap and cyber capability shortage remediation
  • Library of CyberDrill Scenarios
  • Library of Attack Simulations to replicate the latest cyber threats
  • Seamless integration and support of Scenarios from Value-Added Third Parties

Benefits of National Cyber Drills

  • Evaluating readiness and response abilities to coordinated cyber-attacks across the country.
  • Assessing national cyber capabilities.
  • Raising awareness of the latest cyber threats.
  • Improving coordination, communications and sharing of cyber-threat intelligence among national stakeholders.
Cyber Drill National Cyber Wargaming Vol 3 - 23

Virtual CyberDrills

A Virtual CyberDrill is an online CyberDrill with no need for a physical venue to hold activities in.

CYBER RANGES is the ideal platform for the delivery of Virtual CyberDrills with a great number of participants, well above the typical industry average of 10-20 participants each time.

virtual cyberdrills
Virtual Cyber Range

Virtual CyberDrills

  • CYBER RANGES HOSTED: for the secure private access to the CyberDrill scenarios and data
  • Customized Secure CyberDrill Registration Page
  • Design and development of custom CyberDrill scenarios
  • Integrated Webinar Technology for the online CyberDrill delivery and Expert Moderator tools
  • Live interactive experience of Scenarios and hands-on practice of the CyberDrill scenarios
  • Secure recording of the CyberDrill Sessions for post-delivery playback
  • Expert Evaluation Report and Follow-on Consultancy
Virtual Cyber Range
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