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CYBER RANGES collaborates with national regulatory authorities and national CERTs to deliver national cybersecurity competitions through the CyberStars initiative.

CyberRanges Abstract

CyberStars is a replicable turnkey project format by CYBER RANGES to support international, national and industry-specific organizations, both public and private, in planning and running large cyber competitions or other events to test, research and identify young promises and talent.

Through CYBER RANGES, an initiative organizer can tap into a network of international competitions, while at the same time providing additional support to local users.

Using CYBER RANGES, an organization can create, host and deliver complex hands-on experiences without the need of owning, configuring and running expensive ICT infrastructures.

Using the CYBER RANGES competence framework, scenarios can be used to assess practice-based competencies in support of continuous professional development or even in support of human capital selection and onboarding processes.

CyberStars helps develop an international community of cyber security enthusiasts and a wide network of engaged young and professional talents.

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