Reform of cybersecurity professional training system in Ukraine is in progress: achievements and prospects

At #BHUSA23 our CYBER RANGES team enjoyed the exclusive privilege and pleasure to greet again Victor Zhora of State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine (SSSCIP).
Reform of cybersecurity professional training system in Ukraine

The SSSCIP keeps building HR capacity in information security and cybersecurity, and reforming the professional training system. On October 3, the Organization of Cybersecurity HRs and Recruiters NGO together with the SSSCIP held an event called Professions and Careers in Cybersecurity 2.0. The participants discussed job market situations, recently implemented changes, further reform plans and prospects.

Reform of cybersecurity professional training system in Ukraine is in progress

Oleksandr Yudin, Academic Secretary of the SSSCIP’s State Scientific and Research Institute for Cybersecurity and Information Protection, reminded that the ongoing reform took into account the most advanced global approaches.

Ukraine already has the required legal framework in place. It is the first time in many years that a number of new occupations in cybersecurity and IT security has been added to the National Occupational Classifier.

Six initial occupational standards for new professions in the cybersecurity industry were designed and adopted in 2022 through the support from the USAID Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine Activity. By the way, some higher education institutions have adapted their curricula to some of these new standards.

“Another 15 new occupational standards have been drafted, passed public discussions and hopefully will be adopted soon,” Oleksandr Yudin mentioned.

In addition, creation of the first Qualification Center in Ukraine is underway to enable specialists to verify conformity of their knowledge, skills and competences. It will be opened soon at the SSSCIP. This activity engages members of CYBER RANGES, a famous international company whose technological solutions will be utilized at the Center.

“Occupational qualification system is a very acute issue. In the long run, Ukraine needs an extensive network of qualification centers to be established. It is also important for this initiative to involve not only the government, but private businesses as well. Competition contributes to sustainable development, enhancement of the centers’ operation, leaving only the best ones in the market,” said Oleksandr Bakalynskyi, Deputy Manager of the SSSCIP Cyber Defense Department.

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