Today 8th March 2021 Silensec celebrates International Women’s Day by acknowledging and praising the invaluable contribution that women bring to cybersecurity industry.
International Womens Day CYBER RANGES

Today 8th March 2021 Silensec celebrates International Women’s Day by acknowledging and praising the invaluable contribution that women bring to cybersecurity industry.

International Women’s Day, though in existence for more than 100 years and annually celebrated with public holidays in many places, has only just begun to gather momentum worldwide. However, with women’s rights issues at the forefront of the media and public attention at the moment, we fully expect the day to become as culturally significant as any local public holiday.

First celebrated in 1909 as the official day commemorating the movement for women’s rights — though one might argue women’s rights were still in their infancy – Women’s Day reminds us we still have a way to go. More than 100 years on, in many countries, including some otherwise progressive ones, women still do not have the same rights as men. Perhaps that is one reason so many science and technology industries are severely lacking in female representation. Unfortunately, that includes our own industry, cybersecurity.

A new research from Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that women represent 20% of the global cybersecurity workflow, a positive trend compared to the previous report, which stated that women make up 11% of the global cybersecurity workforce. The newest research includes a recalculation of women in cyber based on a broader definition of positions covered.

We as a company want to encourage more young people to explore cybersecurity careers. The younger people in this sphere, the better the talent pool and the closer we get to our goal of saving the world from cyber threats. Actually, we want to encourage young people to pursue their dreams even if they are not in cybersecurity — happy people fulfilling their dreams will surely help save the world as well.

At Silensec we are committed to supporting the development of a strong skill base and attracting the best cyber talents worldwide, including women.

For instance, Silensec supports this goal through the CyberStars™ initiative targeting 18-24 y.o. cyber youth, by supporting the UN’s ITU agency in running regional and international cyber drills, collaborating with universities and industry/national organisations to improve cyber competencies through deep-dive multi-country cyber challenges.

We want to take the opportunity today to thank all the women that make Team Silensec a special market, service and technology force, the women entrepreneurs that lead our esteemed channel partner organisations in our international network, the women executives of our strategic customers, the women consultants that run our CYBER RANGES-powered exercises, and more: including all the women in our families that support our daily commitment to the company.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #ChooseToChallenge. What a great pledge.

The true key to success is making sure your opinions and ideas as a woman are heard, and being confident in your vision for what you want to achieve. In a field predominantly populated by men, women can defy the stereotype of what an engineer, a consultant, an executive looks like by breaking the glass ceiling and showcasing their expertise and taking a leadership role in implementing cutting-edge tools and processes.

On that note, we wish all women out there a very happy International Women’s Day.


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