Senior Full-Stack Developer

Senior Full-Stack Developer


As a Senior Full-stack Developer at CYBER RANGES you will work as part of our talented core development team, to bring together the CYBER RANGES platform to the next level. You will collaborate with the team in making architectural and design decisions and develop new features and functionalities within an established application ecosystem.

CYBER RANGES is the next generation platform for the development of cyber capabilities and the assessment of skills and organizational cyber resilience: we harness the power of cloud technology to manage the entire lifecycle of realistic scenarios, from their creation, to their distribution and delivery to the end users, to meet even the most demanding use cases of a cyber range today.

Our ideal colleague is self-organising and user experience focused, with a good understanding of the product lifecycle.

Required skills:

  • 4+ years of proven experience as a Full-stack Developer
  • Extensive experience in development with different languages (e.g., Java, JavaScript, Python)
  • Solid understanding of messaging queue systems and asynchronous web services
  • Disciplined approach in documentation, design and testing
  • Ability to write well formatted, structured and clean code compliant with Design Patterns
  • Hands on experience with Spring framework
  • Experience with Git and understanding of Git Flow
  • Experience with document-oriented databases (e.g., MongoDB)
  • Solid foundation of Frontend technologies (HTML5, CSS3)
  • Experience with modern UI stacks (e.g., Vue.js, React)
  • Experience working with UNIX terminal
  • Self-motivated, independent, organized and proactive; highly responsive, flexible, and adaptable
  • Open to developing and learning new technologies

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Java Spring and MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Python Flask
  • Experience with Node.js/Express
  • Strong computer networking skills
  • Experience in developing Unit Tests and Integration Tests adhering to standard CI processes
  • Familiarity with data indexing platforms such as Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch
  • Familiarity with docker
  • Experience in optimizing code for performance
  • Experience working with Websockets
  • Experience working with GraphQL
  • Worked with the Atlassian suite (JIRA, Confluence)

Candidate Profile

Excellent verbal and written communication in English and reporting skills

Good teamwork and collaboration skills


Work remotely or join us to enjoy the sun and sea of Limassol

What we offer

Competitive salary, based on competence and experience

Results-driven approach: we give you flexibility organizing your time and evaluate the results you achieve. We value work-life balance
Ongoing learning and training experiences

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