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Cyber Security Content Writer

CYBER RANGES Cyber Security Content Writer

We are seeking an experienced content writer, a “conversationalist” at heart who is able to absorb the CYBER RANGES brand, its target markets and technology proposition, and thus write consistently high-quality content related to Cyber Security, this may include blog posts, PR, emails, adverts and social media content.

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Senior Trainer CYBER RANGES

CYBER RANGES Senior Trainer

This is a leading position for the development and delivery of CYBER RANGES Experiential training including red, blue and purple teaming and Adversary Emulation on the newly established Quantico Cyber Range in Stafford, VA.

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Lead Ambassador

CYBER RANGES Lead Ambassador

This is a leading position to support the CYBER RANGES Ambassador Programme towards educational   institutions around the world. As the CYBER RANGES Lead Ambassador you will have the opportunity to interact with students from both undergraduate and postgraduate security programmes from all corners of the world and help them develop their security skills and cultivate their talents.

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BlueTeam SOC Specialist

Blue Team/SOC Specialist

This is specialist position for the development and delivery of CYBER RANGES Blue Team Services. As a Blue Team Specialist you will lead the development of CYBER RANGES scenarios aimed at training and assessing the capabilities of blue teams, from SOC analysts to incident responders and malware analysts.

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Lead Consultant

CYBER RANGES Lead Consultant

This is leading position for the development and delivery of CYBER RANGES cyber drills and cyber exercises to clients worldwide. You will lead and interact with a team of security consultants and researchers for the development of cutting-edge hands-on scenarios as well as be involved in the delivery CYBER RANGE services.

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Consultant CYBER RANES


You will join the elite of CYBER RANGES Scenario creators helping develop the best-of-breed hands-on scenarios, from virtual machines exposing the latest security vulnerabilities up to full-blown scenarios simulating complex cyberattacks. If you like security research and keeping abreast with the latest attack and defence techniques and tools, this job will offer you the ideal playground to hone your skills and engage with like-minded researchers.

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System Administrator

System Administrator

We are looking for a highly motivated, skilled and ambitious system administrator to join our team of excellence. You will be working under the Head of Infrastructure and work with the Silensec Research and Operations teams supporting both the installation and maintenance of CYBER RANGES platform deployments as well as be in charge of a number of operational infrastructure tasks.

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